13 years and counting

On December 9, 2000 Mr. Bubbinsky and I were officially married. We were engaged at the end of May 2000 and we weren’t sure we’d be able to get married before the end of the year. Our goal was to get married in the year 2000, I tease him that his only reason was so he wouldn’t have to do any math when trying to figure out which anniversary we’re celebrating. I know that’s not true but it makes for a silly joke between us.

We were able to pull it all together and on December 9th we made what we already knew official – we already knew that we would be together for better of for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, for as long as we both shall live. We declared it to the world. We had a beautiful wedding in the Catholic church with awesome priests who encouraged us to incorporate some of our traditional Aztec dance elements in to the ceremony. Our son spent the majority of the ceremony at the altar with us, although I’m sure it was a lot to ask of a 5 year old to sit still up there for that long. After the ceremony we had an amazing party with over 200 people enjoying themselves and truly celebrating the joyous occasion. Even though we had an open bar and the liquor was flowing there were no problems at our wedding. Everyone behaved, everyone had a good time, everyone danced and enjoyed themselves. I’m pretty sure my face hurt the next day from smiling so much. It was a beautiful day that I will never forget!

I’m looking forward to sharing many, many more years with Mr. Bubbinsky. Happy 13 year wedding anniversary to the best friend I could ever ask for, the partner that complements and completes me like no one else could, an amazing father to our children and an all around amazing man. Thank you for always accepting me just the way I am, for never trying to change me, for holding me up when I’m falling apart and for always walking beside me. We had faith in our love from the very beginning. We will continue to walk together in this journey.

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