I’ve gone off the deep end…

This will be a quick Stream of Consciousness (SOC) post. I had a rough week, a really bad day yesterday but I survived it and luckily today was a much better day. Mr. Snugglebunny had a great baseball game today, Mr. Skinny helps out the team by pitching to them. It’s so nice to see them doing something together. And of course, I’m SO happy that the SF Giants won tonight’s game. We’re heading to game 7 of the National League Championship Series and trying for the spot in the World Series. Can the Giants pull off another miracle? I definitely think so.

Yesterday I did manage to finish a sewing project and frame a cross-stitch project. I can’t reveal any pictures until the recipient gets her swap package. I am enjoying the few minutes here and there that I can find to do something creative. I’ve added a few more repeats on my Saroyan scarf, all by adding a row or two at a time. I realize I need the little bits of time to try to keep some of the sanity I claim to still hold on to.

I’ve really gone off the deep end on the walking thing. I’m trying to consistently walk. Today I was due for a 20 minute walk. At first the competitor in me wanted to crush my last 20 minute walk but when I got on the treadmill my right hip was bothering me and my left calf was feeling very tight. I decided that instead of trying to go faster and burn out in 5 minutes, I would slow my pace and get the full 20 minutes.

I am using the Nike+ Running App on my iPhone so I can tell how I’m doing compared to my previous walks. I’m so competitive I keep looking forward to the end of the walk when I can hear how I beat my pace or my distance or my time. I don’t know what it is, I’m just a natural competitor that way.

This is the part where I no longer question if I’ve lost it but how badly I’ve lost it. I just signed up for my first 5K. On December 15th, a few friends will walk/run with me to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation of Northern California in the 2012 Jingle Bell Run/Walk. We signed up as Team Arthritis Superheroes. I was also feeling ambitious and confident and signed up for my first Half-Marathon, it will be on June 8, 2013, 10 days before my birthday. It’s the See Jane Run Women’s Half Marathon and 5K. I figured that seven and a half months is plenty of time to train for 13.1 miles. I did just have a moment where I thought “What have I done?” However, I’m completely confident in the support of my family and friends to help me get to the finish line at both events and I’m looking ahead at a couple of other events that I’m interested in.


I wrote out what I thought was a reasonable list of things to do before bed on Sunday night. I didn’t complete a lot of it but it was helpful to have a sense of some things to focus on during the weekend. Some things got derailed by yesterday’s tumultuous day but some important things did get done. I’m looking ahead to a new week, for me the week starts on Monday not Sunday like some people (Mr. Bubbinsky, I’m looking at you – no really, I just stopped typing and I looked at you).  I’m hoping for a much better, much more positive week. Each day the focus is to make the day better than the day before. It’s all we can do, focus on one day at a time.


This was a Stream of Consciousness (SOC) post, a brain dump where I just needed to get some things out of my head. I wrote until I felt like stopping. What about you? What’s on your mind?

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