Holiday Crafting

Marie from Underground Crafter is running the 2012 Holiday Stashdown Challenge. Marie started this project in May in order to get ahead of the holiday gift-making by planning and making gifts throughout the year and not trying to rush at the last minute.

In previous years I’ve made a few hand knit gifts, usually at the last minute. When Marie announced this year’s challenge I thought about joining in, making a list, checking it twice, diving into my yarn stash, my fabric stash, my craft stash and getting to work on some handmade gifts.

As the weeks passed and time got away from me without making any plans I realized that this year I wasn’t looking forward to the stress of making any gifts. I decided that while there are some knit-worthy people on my list, 2012 was not the year of handmade gifts for me. After my mom had her stroke it made me realize that there was absolutely no way that I would be able to make handmade holiday gifts for this year.

This has opened up my time and energy to look at my pile of unfinished projects and decide what I’ll work on before the end of the year. I can refocus on my Year of Projects list and make some progress towards those projects. I may end up revising my list and paring it down since I lost some of my crafting enthusiasm and energy the past couple of months.


How do you plan for holiday gifts? Have you started working on any handmade gifts? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for ideas.

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