One month later

My mom had her stroke exactly one month ago today. She spent a total of 25 days in the hospital, she was discharged last week on Wednesday, September 5th. I am amazed at the progress that she made while she was at the Rehabilitation Center.

When she was at the first hospital, they truly did not give me much hope for her to walk again or to be able to use her right arm considering the size and location of her stroke. I’m so grateful for the staff at the Rehabilitation Center who had her up and walking with a couple of days of being there.

My mom is now walking with a walker or a cane as long as I walk with her. She is moving and using her right arm and hand. She is even instinctually trying to do things with her right hand like brush her teeth, turn the faucet on/off, grab the cane with her right hand. While she can’t do things successfully with it, this is a good sign of her brain healing and making the connection to use her right hand. She is using more words, her speech is nowhere near to her normal and this frustrates her to no end. I consistently remind her that it will get better and that she has to have patience with herself.

Each day there is progress. We are restructuring our lives, our days, our routines to integrate all of this into our new definition of normal. Our definition of normal now includes that I am my mom’s primary caregiver on top of everything else. I’m glad to do it for her, I know she would do it for me if I needed it.

I’ve got some other exciting things to talk about here on the blog soon. Now that we are working out our new routines I know that I’ll be much more active in posting here.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me in support during this time, it truly does mean a lot to me.

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