DEAR: Fall Into Reading Challenge 2012

For a few years now I’ve been following Katrina at Callapidder Days, especially enjoying when she organizes the reading challenges twice per year. In previous years I’ve written my list and attempted to read some books but then stuff happens and I don’t finish. I’ve also tried this challenge in order to try to meet my yearly reading goal. This year I don’t need to do a big push to meet my goal. The goal I set at the beginning of the year was 25 books, as of Saturday I’ve finished 49 books. That’s almost twice the goal that I set. Now that I met my initial goal, my next goal is 52 books, an average of a book a week for the year. When I have had periods of lots of reading it makes up for the times when I haven’t touched a book in weeks. So, I need to read 3 books between now and December 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm. The Fall Into Reading 2012 Challenge runs from September 22nd to December 21st, the actual Fall season.

I’ve read on many blogs how people look forward to Fall and the change of season. Unfortunately, in the San Francisco Bay Area we don’t really have four seasons. We don’t really have seasons period, at least not the part of the Bay Area where we live. It rains, then it doesn’t, there’s always fog, it’s often overcast and if you drive 10 minutes in any direction away from where you are the weather can be completely different. Sometimes a 20 degree difference. In essence, what I’m saying is that Fall doesn’t necessarily inspire me to curl up with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa to read a book.

Three books I want to read before the end of the year to meet my next goal of 52 books in the year:

  • How to Knit a Love Song by Rachael Herron
  • How to Knit a Heart Back Home by Rachael Herron
  • Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor, Book #6) – waiting for availability from the library

I would definitely love to go past the 52 book mark, this year has been exciting for me with so much reading.

We recently went through the kids’ bookcase and we rediscovered some of the classics that Mr. Skinny had been assigned in school. The Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, Cannery Row, To Kill a Mockingbird. He also had some more recent books assigned: The Hustler, Travel as a Political Act, The Hot Zone, The Naked Olympics. I may try to read some of these as well.

I’m also going to go back to the reading list I originally posted in January of this year and see what else I can grab off the pile to read before the end of the year. I definitely went in a whole other direction than I originally intended with my reading. I do still have a shelf full of books that I’ve had with the intention to read for a long time. I think my rate of book acquisition is faster than my rate of book reading. It always happens that books I’ve had on my PaperBackSwap wishlist for a long time become available in bunches.


Are you participating in the Fall Into Reading 2012 challenge? What do you want to read before the end of the year?

DEAR = Drop Everything And Read When I was in grammar school the reading time during school was called DEAR, over the years it has changed to SSR – Sustained Silent Reading and RIF – Reading is Fundamental. I still think of reading time fondly as DEAR so my reading and book posts are called DEAR.

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  • Knitpurlmama

    You can totally meet your goal. I am ding the goodreads challenge. I said I would try 24 books for 2012. I think I am at 12 of 24 (2 books per month is what was I thinking), but I’m in the middle of 6 books right now (lol, I know…!) so once done that brings me to 18 books, so just 6 more to go to reach goal. 2 books per month for Oct, Nov, Dec, I might actually make it!! and I am sure 2 of those will be book club books, for the book club I am in, so just need 4 other books. I used to read ALL the time… a book every like 3-5 days. But that was PRE kids!!! HA HA. 

    I can’t remember, do you have a kindle or any sort of e-reader? If so, let me know!!!!

    • SimplyGabriela

      Thanks Robyn! I like the Goodreads challenge because it helps me keep track of what I’ve read in the year. I’m not even sure why it’s so important to me to know how much I read in a year. I’ve tried reading more than one book at once and I just can’t keep all the books straight. I’m impressed that you are in the middle of six books. I completely understand about reading PRE kids! Lol!

      I use my iPad to read using iBooks, Kindle App and Nook App. What kind of e-reader do you use?

    • SimplyGabriela

      Thank you! I have found that some books that have knitting in the title don’t talk so much about knitting as they do about the knitting community. Many of the books I’ve read are more about how people use knitting to cope with what’s happening in their lives and how groups of knitters support each other.

  • Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

    I love this challenge! I’m a huge book nerd and could spend days on end reading. You’ve inspired me to do something like this. I would love to have a reading goal. I read a bit here and there but I think having a goal would get me to read more consistently. I love the acronym DEAR, definitely one that sticks in your head and is cute and inspiring too.

    • SimplyGabriela

      Thanks! I found that having a goal really has helped me read more consistently. Although this year I did have about 2 months between finished books. Having a challenge like this really works well with my competitive nature.

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