Year of Projects Update 2

So my Ravellenic Games knitting enthusiasm went out the window. I worked on my list to get it completely updated, it’s still not complete and is always subject to change. I created a page just for my list so that I can make changes to it as the year goes on and I can keep it all in one place. I was ready to work on something for the beginning of the Olympics opening ceremony. I even set an alarm on my cell phone to make sure we got home in time to watch it all unfold. Unfortunately for us, NBC decided that they weren’t going to broadcast the opening ceremony live, they waited until prime time. It’s been much of the same throughout the games. It’s frustrating and it’s also frustrating that the coverage is not comprehensive. There have been some events I’ve wanted to see that are nowhere to be found. Side note: Congratulations to Erick Barrondo from Guatemala (my mom’s home country) for winning the Silver medal in the Men’s 20km Race Walk, an event we had no coverage of.

Anyhow, back to my list. I did add the One Cable Mitts to the list in the WIP section. I’ve also started perusing The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger and Knit Red by Laura Zander.

In looking through The Big Book of Knitted Monsters, I’m starting with the monsters that have the legs knit separately and sewn on. The other monsters call for using magic loop, a method I have tried before and it has driven me absolutely insane. It just has not worked for me! I have successfully knit Rebecca Danger’s Monster Chunk and Iris the Gourmet Monster. I want to build on that success before I dip my toe back in the magic loop pool.

Patterns from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters:

  1. Harold the Houseplant Monster p. 13, although he has toes and they scare me
  2. Angus the Attic Monster, p. 20, he has a thumb, a teeny tiny thumb, eek!
  3. Lurleen the Laundry Monster, p. 24
  4. Geet the Garage Monster, p. 28
  5. Charlie the Ceiling Monster, p. 32
  6. Petunia the Patio Monster, p. 42
  7. Gabby the Garden Monster, p. 45 – of course I would spell her name Gaby 😉
  8. Toothy Joe the Mailbox Monster, p. 57
  9. Bea the Basement Monster, p. 60
  10. Tony the Toy-Box Monster, p. 63
  11. Cecil the Computer Monster, p. 69
  12. Irving the Icebox Monster, p. 73
  13. Claude the Closet Monster, p. 76

13 monsters, yikes! That seems like a lot but I know that they don’t always take a long time to make. I’m also hoping that these will all be monsters that I can make on double-pointed needles, I really don’t want to mess with trying magic loop on these.

Patterns from Knit Red:

  1. Spiral rib cowl by Ann Norling, p. 6
  2. Lace stole by Kieran Foley, p. 8
  3. Home spa set by Jeanne Giles, p. 19, might make a nice gift
  4. Lace infinity scarf by Tanis Gray, p. 52

There are many more beautiful patterns in this book. I’m definitely interested to make more from this book but I want to make sure I don’t overload my list. I’m very, very tempted to join the Knit-along (KAL) on the Stitch Red Ravelry group for the A-Line Hoodie (p. 22). It would be great to make my first sweater as part of a KAL so I can get support and help if I get stuck. We’ll see, I’m still not sure. It starts on Monday, August 6th and will go for 6 weeks, ending on September 17th. I’ve got a couple of days to decide if I’m going to join from the very beginning.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my Saroyan scarf, I’m almost at the halfway point for me. I have 8 increase sections and 7 straight sections completed. I’m going to do 20 straight sections total. I think getting to the halfway point will give me a nice push to get it done soon and then it will just need blocking.


Is it helpful to work from a list of craft projects you want to complete? I think I’m still undecided.

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