This is essentially going to be a Stream of Consciousness post. I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my head that is frustrating me right now and I’ve got to get it out. Let’s see what I can do in the next five minutes.

  • My body: Oh boy, am I ever frustrated with my body! It seems like any time I try to do something that is exercise or fitness related my body throws a tantrum. I started walking on the treadmill and riding the stationary bike. Mind you, this was for 5-10 minutes on each one. I had to stop. My knees started getting sore, swollen and squishy. This morning I woke up with tightness in the arch of my left foot, very much like when the plantar fasciitis is acting up and I end up wearing the boot cast. This morning I iced, took my regular meds and added a dose of ibuprofen. My knees are still squishy and I’m feeling some specific joint pain, not just in the soft tissue anymore. My hip started acting up, my right hip has a definite swollen area, maybe bursitis, who knows? And all my muscles are super tight, no matter how much stretching I do my legs are not loosening up. So back to resting, icing, taking anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants. All I was doing was trying to walk! I can’t seem to catch a break. It seems my body has gone into a flare and I’m really not happy about it.
  • I decided that I would like to join the knit-along for the A-line hoodie from the Knit Red book. I went online looking for yarn substitutions since I am not going to buy 18 balls of a wool/cashmere blend, that’s what the designer calls for in the pattern. I finally decided I could use Bamboo Ewe since I enjoyed working with it for the One Cable Mitts. I went to three stores and couldn’t find enough Bamboo Ewe for the sweater. I would need approximately 1700 yards. I found some at the last store we went to and they only had 6 skeins of the same dye lot. I don’t want a two-toned sweater. I have to put my thinking cap back on and see what I want to do about this.
  • I decided I want to make “The 1600 quilt“, it’s a jelly roll quilt. I originally thought I could find suitable jelly rolls at Jo-Ann but their jelly rolls only come with 20 pieces so I would need to buy 2. They only had one in the fabric collection that I wanted. I decided I could use fabric from my stash and use the AccuQuilt Go fabric cutter to make my own jelly roll. Well, jelly rolls are 2.5″ wide strips, the strip cutter that I have for the AccuQuilt makes 2″ wide strips. I suppose I could use that but I would have narrower strips and eventually a smaller quilt. I also suppose I could use my acrylic ruler and a rotary cutter to make 2.5” strips but the point of having the AccuQuilt is to make cutting fabric easier.
  • Clutter, clutter everywhere. It seems that over the summer we got very relaxed about the upkeep of our house. I’ve been working on this recently. I keep trying to address one area and then maintain it’s upkeep. I’ve also been reducing the amount of stuff we have in our house. A recent trip to the post office involved mailing 30 books that had been requested from us on PaperBackSwap. I have bags of shoes to take to the Nike Reuse A Shoe drop off location and bags of clothing to take to Goodwill. I really hope that everyone going back to school will help re-establish the routine that we have to maintain the house as much as possible.

Okay so that was definitely more than 5 minutes. Thanks for letting me vent! Do you have any suggestions for helping me not be so frustrated with these situations? Let me know in the comments, I’d really appreciate it.

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  • Keri

    It seems to be going around these days.  I’m in the same boat.  Maybe set one task a day to finish?  The only thing I can think for the exercise is swimming.  would that be easier on your joints?  Good luck sorting stuff out.

    • SimplyGabriela

      I think there’s something in the air Keri! I don’t know how to swim but I do want to learn, especially since I’ve been watching the Olympics. I’m going to take things one at a time. I’m going to look at different yarn options for the sweater and then look through my fabric stash for the quilt. I’m sure I have plenty of fabric to do it myself.

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