Year of Projects 2 Update 1

So I decided to go through my craft room and look to see what else I had in there that are WIPs (Works in Progress). I knew I would find more as I went through things.

WIPs found to add to the list:

Not WIPs but I also found at least 3 shawl kits I purchased from KnitPicks. I’m a sucker for lace shawls and they make it so easy with bundling the yarn and pattern…

I hadn’t originally included the One Cable Mitts in my original list but I think they should go on there under the WIP section since they weren’t done when my list was posted. Maybe I’m just looking for an easy way to say I’ve already finished something? I can show you the mitts in color since I know Kristi (her Ravelry profile) received them today. This was part of a Ravelry package for the Color Swap, Round 15. She chose blues and greens as her colors and I was immediately drawn to this color when I saw it. I think it went well with the picture she posted with her color inspiration.


I wanted to make sure my list was up to date since tomorrow is the beginning of the Olympic Games and the Opening Ceremonies will be at 1:00 pm our time. My son is very eager to watch so I would like to watch with him, preferably with something in hand that I can work on.

I think a project worthy of being on my list will be to update my yarn stash on Ravelry. I know there is a lot of yarn that I have that is not posted on my profile and that I would like to know that I have. It would make it so much easier to decide what yarn I’m going to use for some of the projects on my list. I also think a little de-stashing may be in order… or not. We’ll see when I get it all out to catalog it what I think. I’m always tempted to get rid of yarn that I think I’ll never use but I’m also worried that I’ll find the perfect project to make right after I’ve sent it away. I’m pretty sure I have more yarn than I could use in my lifetime but there’s something about giving it away.

In my next update I’ll show you some zippered pouches that I’m making as prizes for the team I’m on for the Ravellenic Games. Our team leader asked for prizes and I volunteered to make some bags. I found the cutest fabric!

While I’m at my sewing machine making those I’m also going to be making a new baby gift for our newest nephew. I’ll show you when they’re all done and gifted. I think what I’m making will be very useful for the new baby and his parents. I know I needed lots of these when my babies were little.


Are you participating in A 2nd Year of Projects? What progress have you made? Tell us in the comments, leave a link to your post and we can come cheer you on.

PS – Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my “40 before 40” list. I’ll be closing comments on Saturday and drawing winners on Sunday.

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    • SimplyGabriela

      I’m not sure if I’m going to cast on something new today or if I’m going to work on a WIP. If I work on a WIP probably Saroyan, if I start something new probably a Monster Chunk. Those are quick and easy.

  • Robin Brzozowski

    I really like the one cable mits and totally think you should include them. Good luck in the games!

  • Knitpurlmama

    What exact is the Year of projects? To finish WIPs? Are you doing the Racellenics too? I did the RavOlympics in 2010 but not sure I have time this time around.

    • SimplyGabriela

      Year of Projects started on a blogging group on Ravelry. The premise is to write a list of projects to complete between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Someone could decide to knit their way through a whole book or a whole collection of patterns. Everyone posts a list on their blog and then regularly updates on their blog about their progress throughout the year. I decided to list my WIPs to push me to make decisions: am I going to finish them or frog them? I’ve had some hanging around for a long time and it’s time to decide. Everyone’s list is different and unique to them. I’m “officially” doing Ravellenics but I’m not knitting towards that exclusively. If I “medal” it will be nice but not necessary.

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