What a week!

Phew… it’s been a long week. I’m very glad it’s Friday, although I guess for me it doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s not like I get a break from work or anything being a stay-at-home mom.

My little boy, Mr. Snugglebunny (9) had surgery on Monday. It was a minor procedure but it still is very scary seeing them give your child anesthesia and wheel them away to an operating room. We were at the hospital for 10 hours before we could bring him home. Those ten hours seemed to drag on forever… and ever… and ever. I had taken knitting with me to the hospital so I could work on that 2nd fingerless mitt but I was too anxious to actually get any knitting done. I had my iPad with books on it but I couldn’t read either. All I could focus on was the clock and the minutes ticking away until the doctor came out to tell us that everything had gone well with the surgery. Our little guy is a trooper and has been recovering well at home. He’s loved couch surfing all week and being in control of the remotes – I’ve watched so much Ninjago, Power Rangers, and Nickelodeon in general that I think I might scream.

This week also had me off for a few hours on Tuesday evening doing a task via TaskRabbit. I’m a level 10 TaskRabbit and I’ve really enjoyed using the service as a task runner, I haven’t used it as a TaskPoster. I love the flexibility of it and that as a task runner I have the choice in bidding for tasks. If you haven’t seen the TaskRabbit site, I highly encourage you to check it out. If you need stuff done it’s great because you can hire task runners like me to get things finished. If you’re looking for a bit of extra income (and who couldn’t use extra income?) then I encourage you to check it out and see if it’s something that could work for you.

This week has also been the week of swap packages. I received a wonderful swap package from Day at nylaLOVE for Color Swap 15 on Ravelry. My screen name on Ravelry is GabyKnits (come by and friend me) and she made me a handmade “name plaque” that is definitely going to go up in my craft room. Here’s a pic of the package I received:

I was quite spoiled with all my goodies: yarn, fabric, thread, zippers, beads, buttons, nail polish, crocheted wrist cuffs and the MOST AMAZING Day of the Dead Skull earrings made from recycled vinyl records. They come from 2ndwnd, an interdisciplinary design studio in Highland Park, CA – I looked all over their website for a store to buy more earrings but I couldn’t find one. I think these might have been custom just for me! Want to squee with me, take a look:

And I finished my hand knit item for the Color Swap 15 package that I will be mailing out to a secret recipient (shhh… just in case she reads my blog). Here are the One Cable Mitts by Valerie Teppo in Bamboo Ewe from Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller, I still can’t show you the color so you’ll just have to wait until my partner receives her package and then I can show you in full color and give you my impressions of the pattern.I’m so excited this is the first project that requires two of anything be made that I’ve actually made both parts! I’m going to have to make a pair for myself because I’m going to be really good and actually send these to my partner.

We’re always in a state of decluttering around here. This week Mr. Skinny (17) gave me some textbooks he no longer needs, I’ve posted them for sale on Cash4books.net (affiliate link) where I’ve been able to sell used books for many years now. Whatever books I can’t sell there I post on PaperBackSwap.com (find me there as mrsbubba). Both of these sites are great ways to share books in good condition with other people.

It’s been quite a week here and I’m glad we can look forward to another day. My next post will be post #200 on this blog. I think I’m going to plan a giveaway or something fun like that. Hmmm… let’s see what I come up with.


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  • Student Mom (Jenn)

    Wow! You’re really talented. I’m still slogging my way through a ballet jersey for my four year-old. It’s taking some doing and there’s not a cable stich anywhere – all stocking!!
    In from SITS.

    • SimplyGabriela

      Thanks! I’ve had projects that were stockinette stitch that have taken me forever, I get bored when it’s all stockinette and I don’t feel like working on it very much. Thanks for visiting!

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