One Cable Mitts: A Finished Knitting Project

Since my Color Swap partner, Kristi, has received her package I can now reveal the mitts here on my blog with all the details.

  • Pattern: The pattern was great, well written and easy to follow. Due to “fibro fog” I had to stop and re-read the thumb gusset section a couple of times before I started to make sure I got it. I did put in a lifeline in after each repeat or as I moved from one section to the next just because I know that sometimes I forget if I clicked my row counter at the end of the row. The mitts are a great length finishing at the base of the fingers. I have smaller hands so I often end up with fingerless mitts that are too long. The pattern really wouldn’t have taken me that long to make, it’s been a busy summer so I didn’t have too many long stretches of time to work on them.
  • Yarn: The yarn was nice to work with. It’s 55% viscose bamboo and 45% wool. It’s soft and durable. I only split the yarn a couple of times and that was more because I wasn’t watching what I was doing. When I tried them on to model them they felt like a great pair of fall or winter mitts. In the San Francisco Bay Area they may even work for our foggy summers.

I will definitely be making a pair of these for myself, I haven’t decided if I’ll use this same color or a silvery gray that I have. I think if I use the gray I can make a hat to go with the mitts. Another option would be to make the Eucalyptus ones for me and the gray set to give away as a gift. Hmmm… I wonder who would be worthy of such a gift.

If you’re a crafter, what have you finished lately? Share with us in the comments.


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